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CFSL Hall of Fame Class of 2019

 Bill Fuller Jr – Hope Lutheran; Founder, Executive, Player. Bill was one of the founders of our league and was a driving force in its early years serving as its Vice-President and President and was an active player for more than 30 years.

Rev. Robert Varner – Church of God; Founder, Player. Pastor Varner was vital at the start of the league. When Church of God and Calvary Full Gospel were excluded from joining the church league that was in existence back in 1981, the foundations of the CFSL were set.  Pastor Varner named the league Koinonia, Christian Fellowship where all could dwell together in unity.

Bob Scheuer – Washington Crossing United Methodist; Manager; Player. When Bob joined the league in 1988 he fully embraced the name of the league and placed emphasis in that order. Christian.  Fellowship. Softball.  Bob was always quick at the managers meetings to find any mistakes in the schedule as at that time they were all created by hand and as part of the “Complaint Committee” would look into any game disputes.  Bob led his teams to championships in 1989, 1993, 2002. In 1993, Washington Crossing was the first team to come out of the loser’s bracket to win the championship.  For his entire career in the CFSL Bob consistently lead his team both on and off the field. It’s always a tough night to go 3-4and see your average take a hit. After the games focus was always put on the spiritual heath of the team.

Bill Fuller III – Hope Lutheran; Executive.  Bill took over as President after his father stepped down from that position.  Bill brought the league into the 21st Century while still in the 20thCentury by quickly changing the league over from ledger books and hoagie sales to computer spreadsheets, softball schedule generators and websites.  At the height of the league with 18 teams, Bill managed to deal with all the personalities and opinions and put everyone focused in a unified vision of the league. Tremendous amounts of work goes into running a league and the CFSL has benefitted from Bill’s leadership for the past 25years.  While other people that run softball leagues look at it as a money maker for their personal profit, Bill has always looked at it as a “break even” venture. The league exists to benefit the players in it and a means of ministry to share the Gospel of Christ.

CFSL – Hall of Fame Class of 2022

·       Calvary Full Gospel

o  Pastor David Farina – Original Founding Pastor, player.

o  Bob Mannon – Original manager of Calvary Full Gospel. Led Calvary FullGospel to their first championship over Christian Missionary Alliance church in1983.  Christian Mission won the championship3 of the first five years of the league and was in the finals the first fouryears.

o  Artie Miccio – One of the big power hitters in the firstyears of the CFSL.

·       Langhorne Presbyterian

o  Chet Marshall – A gentleman’s gentleman of the game andoutstanding pitcher.  Was part of thechampionship team of 1986 that defeated Christian Mission.

·       Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

o  Dave Fitchett – Player, manager.  Dave was instrumental in the formation of theLutheran Church of the Resurrection team. As manager, Dave had an endless passion for fellowship with other teamsand his players while playing softball.

·       Hope Lutheran Church

o  Tom Jeske – Player, manger, League Officer.  Tom did it all for the league. One of thebest pitchers in league history.  One ofthe main reasons Hope Lutheran dominated the league in the decade of the 90s.

·       Resurrection Lutheran

o  Robin Becker – Player, manager.  Robin formed and led the Resurrection Luther Churchteam for many years from the start of the league.

·       Riverstone Church

o  Dana “Ike” Iacconi – Player, manager.  From his days at Evangelical Presbyterian toBible Fellowship and Riverstone Church, Ike never passed up an opportunity toplay the game with 100% passion for excellence. Ike was an outstanding all-around player and a good friend to anyone hemet.  Ike left us way too soon in 2019 butI’m sure he’s organizing a game with all of us when we can meet again inHeaven.

o  Jim and Jimmy Potoka – father-son players.  Two of the best players to play in the CFSL.A true joy to play against and a nightmare to keep them off the bases.  We tragically lost Jimmy in 2014 but I’m surehe’s helping Ike organize his team.