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Official Playing Rules

C.F.S.L. Official Playing RulesRevised March 28, 2013

"Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."Psalm 133:1

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




American Softball Association ("ASA") rules governing the play of slow pitch softballfor adult men will govern, with the following exceptions:


a. Fields - The Christian Fellowship Softball League will provide and assignplaying fields for league games. Permits to use the various playing fieldswill be obtained by the League. The League will give a copy of theappropriate field permit to the team(s) using the assigned playing field asits home field. The league will endeavor to keep all home games for eachteam at the same field but scheduling conflicts may arise that causes theleague to schedule a home game at an alternate field.

b. Umpires - The League will provide paid umpires for all league games. Ifan umpire fails to arrive by forfeit time, each team is encouraged to selectsomeone to act as a substitute umpire. In the case that it is agreed that thegame is to be played with the substitute umpire, the substitute umpire willhave control of the calls of the game and the game will be considered anofficial league game. The winning team when calling in the score of thegame shall inform the league recorder the name of the substitute umpire.The league will then remunerate the substitute umpire the amount of thecurrent umpiring fee. If it cannot be agreed to play the game with asubstitute umpire, the home team is responsible to call the league recorderand notify him that the game was not played and why.

c. Schedule - The League will provide a game schedule to each teammanager. League games will be scheduled for play on Tuesdays andThursdays. All other days, including those reserved Tuesdays andThursdays identified on the schedule, are available for scheduling asmake-up games.

i. Playoff Exception to Days Played - Should the agreed to playoffschedule include a “play-in” game(s) for seasons where there aremore than 17 teams included in the playoffs, that scheduled league“play-in” game(s) may be scheduled on the Monday or Wednesdaybefore the first scheduled playoff game. Should that “play-in”game(s) be delayed or canceled, the game(s) must be played on thefollowing day. League playoff games will then start the nextTuesday or Thursday after the “play-in” game(s).

d. Softballs - The League shall purchase and provide teams with softballs forall league games. The league shall distribute the softballs to the managersprior to the start of the season.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013



  1. Appeals - Appeals of League rules shall be heard by the League ExecutiveBoard. The Complaint Committee shall hear appeals of games. Theirrecommendation will be given to the League President and he will makethe final decision. If unavailable he will then direct the matter to hisassignee.

  2. Financial Report - The League President is to make a financial reportavailable to team managers during the first organizational meeting of theyear during the League President State of the League Report.


  1. Roster

    1. General Requirements - Each team will submit a roster to theLeague before the first game of the season. The team roster mustbe signed by both the Pastor from the organized church placing theteam into the league and by the team manager.

    2. Validated Rosters - All Pastors and or church administrators willbe contacted to validate the roster. Any player(s) that the pastorwill not validate will be ineligible for play. If the pastor will notvalidate the team roster, the team will be ineligible for play for theremainder of the season and no league fee refund will be given.

    3. Listed Names - First and last names must be submitted. Playerswith only one name or a nickname listed will be consideredineligible players. If nicknames are listed, they must beaccompanied by the players first and last name on the roster.

    4. Players with Designated Runners - Any players with a disabilitymust be noted on the team roster in order to utilize the DesignatedRunner. If the player is not designated on the roster, only acourtesy runner may be used. In accordance with HIPPA rules, thetype of disability need not be listed or disclosed.

  2. Churches with Two or More Teams - Organized churches may entertwo or more teams into the league. Separate rosters must be kept for eachteam and be signed by the Pastor. No more than 5 non-members may playon each represented church team. No player may switch teams after thefirst game of the regular season. Any player switching teams may besuspended for the remainder of the season and or league playoffs pendingreview of the Executive Board. Since each team is independent from theother, each manager of the represented team will be allowed to participatein league votes.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




c. Combination Church Teams - In the event that one organized church isunable to have enough players to field a team, it may combine withanother organized church congregation. No more than two organizedchurches may join together to form one team. Representatives from eachchurch may attend league meetings but during league votes, only one votemay be counted from the combined team. It is up to the tworepresentatives of the churches to determine who will cast a vote asnecessary.

  1. Combination Church Team Rosters - Both organized churchesmust submit individual rosters signed by the Pastors and managersof that church team’s represented players.

  2. No organized church with one or more teams currently in theleague may have an additional combined team in the league at thesame time without approval of the Executive Board. TheExecutive Board may then present the proposed team for a vote ofapproval by the league managers. A simple majority would benecessary to admit the team into the league. This is to prevent“All-Star” or “Super Teams” from being formed and destroyingfair competition and fellowship.

  1. Non-Members - No more than 5 players listed on any team roster may benon-members of the congregation. The League encourages the teams touse these positions as a means of witness and encouragement so that thenon-members will decide to join your congregation.

    1. Non-Member Exception - In the case where the licensed Pastoron staff at the church is precluded from being a member due to thechurch’s organizational constitution, the official licensed Pastorwill not be included in the list of 5 non-members. This exceptionmust be identified on the roster and will be announced to allparticipating teams.

    2. Combination Church Teams Non-Members - No more than 5non-members may participate on the team. The non-members maycome from one church or the other in any combination but the totalmay never exceed 5 total non-members on/between the roster(s).

  2. New Players

i. Additions Before the Mid-Season Point - Teams may add newplayers to the roster up until the mid point of the regular season.The league President, Vice-President, or their assignee must benotified of any changes within seven days. Any new player mustmeet league Player Requirements before playing in league games.Failure to notify the league about changes to the roster may cause

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




all games played after the addition to be considered forfeitspending review of the Executive Board.

  1. Additions After the Mid-Season Point - No new players may beadded to the team roster after the middle of the season, unless thenew player is agreed to by a majority of the Executive Board.

  2. Playoffs - No new players will be added to the team roster duringthe league playoff tournament - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. Prayer - Before the start of each league game, the home team opens withprayer. At the conclusion of each league game, the visiting team closeswith prayer.

  2. Field Maintenance - The home team is responsible to see that the playingfield is in playing condition.

  3. Bases - The home team shall provide 3 bases (including 1 double-firstbase) and a home plate for each league game. Where the home team doesnot have the necessary equipment, it is the responsibility of the home teammanager to contact the other team to make the necessary arrangements toborrow the bases and home plate. A pitching plate is not required but ifone is provided, both teams must use it. If a pitching plate is not provided,a line or other suitable identifying mark shall determine the pitching point.It is the discretion of the umpire to enforce the point from where thepitcher is to be releasing a legal pitch.

  4. Softball - The home team shall provide a new softball for league gameplay. Except for the first regular season league game, the visiting teamshall provide a suitable back-up softball. For the first regular seasonleague game, the visiting team shall provide a new softball as a back-upsoftball.

  5. Insurance - Each team will be required to provide appropriate insurancecoverage for personal property or any injuries sustained by any of itsplayers or spectators while playing or watching the softball game. Neitherthe League nor the property owners of the playing fields will be liable forpersonal property or any injuries sustained by team players or spectatorswhile playing or watching the softball game.

  6. Fees & Deposit - Each team shall pay $100.00 deposit at the secondscheduled Manager’s meeting of the season to ensure a spot in the League.This money will be applied to the entrance fee set forth in the Leaguesupplement. All checks should be made payable to the "ChristianFellowship Softball League." All entrance fees are to be paid prior to thestart of the regular season. Failure to pay the balance of the fees due priorto the start of the season will result in forfeiture of the $100.00 deposit.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




l. Second Season Deposit - New teams entering into the league are requiredto pay an additional deposit of $50.00 for league expenses (i.e. securingteam insurance, etc.) that occur between the end of the current season theteam has entered and the start of the next season. If a team does not intendto play in the following season, that team shall notify the league Presidentin writing by December 1st of the current calendar year to obtain a refundof the $50.00 deposit. If the team does not notify the league President inwriting, that team will forfeit the deposit, as the league will have alreadyincurred those expenses. Established church teams currently in the leaguethat expand to additional teams will be exempt from the Second SeasonDeposit.


  1. Age - All players listed on the team roster must be 16 years old asof April 1st of the current softball season. Any team(s) that havepotential players that will turn 16 after April 1st of the currentseason must notify the other league managers by the last organizedmanagers meeting before the start of league game for a yea or nayvote on their participation. A simple majority is necessary for thepotential player to be allowed to participate. In the case that thereis a player that meets this criteria and has been voted in toparticipate by the league managers, it must be noted on the officialteam roster.

  2. Sex - Men only.

  3. Worship - All players listed on the team roster must attend at least2 worship services or church fellowship activities each monthduring the season.

  4. Playoffs - A player must play in at least 6 games during the seasonin order to be eligible to play in the league playoff tournament -NO EXCEPTIONS! If a losing team suspects that the winningteam of a league playoff game had a player that did not participatein the minimum number of regular season league games to qualifyfor the league playoffs, an appeal by the losing team must be madeto the League President, Vice-President, or assignee before thenext scheduled playoff game. The League Executive Board willreview the scorebook of the team in question to determine theeligibility status of the player in question. Teams found to beplaying with a player(s) that fail to meet the minimumrequirements will forfeit the game in question and that player(s)

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




will not be permitted to play in the remainder of the leagueplayoffs. If no appeal has been made before the next scheduledplayoff game has been played, no penalty will be enforced. Thedecision of the League Executive Board will be final.

v. Player Code of Conduct - No player shall swear, smoke, engagein unruly arguments, drink alcoholic beverages, engage in physicalaltercations with umpires, other players, or spectators, and shall notengage or participate in gross or otherwise obscene conduct duringleague games. All team managers are responsible for their teamsconduct and managers and umpires are to strictly enforceviolations. All violations are subject to review by the LeagueExecutive Board. All decisions made by the League ExecutiveBoard are final. In addition to league rules, these rules arerequirements of local municipalities and or school districts thatown the fields used to host league games. Any team that violatesthis rule that it would cause the loss of the permission to usetownship, school district fields, or the like shall be suspended fromthe league for the remainder of the season and or league playoffs.Player violations of this rule will result in the following penalties:

  1. First Offense - A player shall receive a warning from theLeague for a first offense of this rule. The League shallnotify the Head Umpire and the team managers of anywarning issued to a player.

  2. Second Offense - A player shall be immediately ejectedfrom the league game for a second offence of this rule. Anyplayer ejected from a league game also will beautomatically suspended from playing the nextscheduled league or playoff game. The League shallnotify the Head Umpire and the team managers of anyplayer who is suspended. Any player that is suspendedfrom a league game and plays in the game that he issuspended from, the team will forfeit that game and theplayer will be suspended from the remainder of the regularseason and playoffs. A suspended player may appeal to theexecutive board. The executive board must be in fullagreement to reduce any suspensions.

  3. Third Offense - A third offense of this rule will result inthe player's immediate ejection from the league game andautomatic suspension from the League for the remainder ofthe season, including tournament playoffs. Any physicalaltercations or gross and obscene conduct may beconsidered by the League Executive Board as an automatic“third offense”. Team managers that violate the Player

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




Rules of Conduct are subject to being removed as theirteam manager but may continue to participate in leaguegames. Players involved in physical altercations aresubject to disciplinary action by the Regional Director ofthe ASA and local law enforcement. Any player ejectedfrom two league games will result in the player beingsuspended for the remainder of the season including theplayoffs. Any player that is suspended from a league gameand plays in the game that he is suspended from, the teamwill forfeit that game and the player will be suspended fromthe remainder of the regular season and playoffs. Asuspended player may appeal to the executive board. Theexecutive board must be in full agreement to reduce anysuspensions. There will be no reduction in a suspensionfor a physical altercation.

4. Continued Abuse of Conduct Rule - Players thatcontinually abuse the Player Code of Conduct Rule aresubject to being banned from league participation followingreview of the Executive Board and after a vote of theleague officers and participating managers. Players that arebanned from league participation may appeal forreinstatement but may only return if it is agreed to by a voteof league officers and participating managers prior to thestart of the current season.

  1. Waiver - Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signthe “CHILD Hold Harmless Waiver” before participating in league games.

  2. Insurance - Each player is required to obtain appropriate insurancecoverage (personal or through their team) for personal property or anyinjuries sustained while playing or not playing softball. Neither theLeague nor the property owners of the playing fields will be liable forpersonal property or any injuries sustained by a player or spectator whileplaying or not playing softball.


a. Winning Team - The manager of the winning team shall telephone theLeague Recorder with the results of the game, including the score, no laterthan 10 p.m. on the night of the game. The name and telephone number ofthe League Recorder is listed in the League supplement. Winning teamsthat fail to call scores in by the end of the regular season will beconsidered a loss. Managers of winning playoff games are to call theLeague Recorder by 10:00 p.m. the night of the scheduled playoff game sothat managers and the Head Umpire may be contacted as soon as possibleby the League Recorder as to the location of their next scheduled playoffgame.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




b. Cancellations

  1. Church Functions - The team manager shall notify the other teammanager and the League Recorder at least 7 days in advance of anyscheduled game that is to be canceled because of a special churchfunction. The names and telephone numbers of the team managersand the League Recorder is listed in the League Supplement. Ifmanagers are of aware of Church Functions before the start of theseason, managers are encouraged to make the League Presidentaware so that accommodations may be made, if possible, in theleague schedule prior to the schedule being released.

  2. Bad Weather - The league officer(s) will determine in the event ofbad weather if the league game should be canceled. If you arrive atthe field and the managers disagree on the field conditions, thenthe umpire will be the person to decide if the field is playable. TheHome Team shall immediately notify the League Recorder of acancellation due to poor/bad field conditions.

  3. Disputes - Only the team manager is permitted to talk to theumpire during game disputes.

c. Make-up Games - The home team manager shall be responsible to notifythe League Recorder of the date and time of any make-up game. The nameand telephone number of the League Recorder is listed in the Leaguesupplement.

  1. League Rules - Team managers are responsible for the enforcement of allLeague rules. All violations of the League rules must be reported to theLeague President or Vice-President. The League Executive Board willcontact the player(s) involved with the violation along with the teammanager and church Pastor.

  2. Waiver - If a player is under the age of 18, the manager is responsible tohave a parent or guardian sign the CHILD Hold Harmless Waiver.

  3. Team Conduct - The manager is responsible for the conduct of his team’splayers.

    1. If the umpire ejects a player from the game, there is noconsequence to the manager. The manager must maintain controlof the situation involving his team.

    2. If a 2nd incident occurs and causes a player from the same team tobe ejected from the game, the manager will also be ejected fromthe game.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




iii. If a 3rd incident occurs with the same team where the umpire hasto eject a player, the game will be terminated at that point. Theumpire will not determine the winner of the game. The umpirewill notify the head umpire and the head umpire will notify theleague of the circumstances of the game. The executive board ofthe league will then decide the final result of the game. This rulewill be imposed in all games, regular season and playoffs if theumpire as a result of the conduct of a team(s) terminates the game.

g. Playing With Players That Do Not Appear On The League Roster

  1. If a player(s) appear in a league game and they are not on listed onthe church team’s validated roster and the result of the game ischallenged by the losing manager or the umpire, the game willresult as a forfeit and the manager will be suspended for fivegames. Suspension will continue into the playoffs or the followingyear as necessary.

  2. A second challenge to the same team for a second game that findsthat player(s) appeared in a game that are not listed on the rosterwill result in the team forfeiting that game and the manager shallbe suspended for the remainder of the season.

  3. A third challenge to the same team for a third game that findsplayer(s) appearing in a game that are not listed on the roster willresult in the team forfeiting the entire season including playoffs.

  4. A challenge to a regular season game must be made by 9:00 pm ofthe final game of the regular season or by 11:00 pm if it was thesecond game of a doubleheader to end the season.

  5. A challenge to a playoff game must be made by 9:00 pm of thenight of the playoff game or by 11:00 pm if it was the second gameof a doubleheader.

  6. A league vote will determine if the offending team will be allowedback in the league the following season if they reach threeviolations.

  7. The offending team’s Pastor will be notified of any and allviolation(s).

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013





  1. Start Time - Generally, all regularly scheduled league games begin at6:30 p.m. sharp. Both teams will share the field for practice from 6:00 to6:25pm.

  2. Start of Game Delayed - The start of league games may be delayed bybad weather, darkness or poor field conditions. The umpire shall decide,in his sole judgment, whether the start of the league game should bedelayed for the safety of the players. However, the league game mustbegin no later than 7:15 p.m. and finish by 8:45 p.m., unless the field isequipped with lights for night play. If the league game does not begin by7:15 p.m., then the game shall be replayed as a make-up game.

  3. Forfeit Time - A team shall forfeit a league game at 6:45 p.m. if suchteam is unable to field 8 players. Forfeit time shall be based on theumpire's watch.

  4. Number of Players For a League Game

    1. A team must have a minimum of 8 players to start and continue aleague game. A team must begin play at 6:30 p.m. if such team has8 players. The team cannot wait to see if additional players willarrive. When this occurs there will be a spot added to the end ofthe line-up for a 9th batter. Every time the 9th batter is due up, anout will automatically be recorded until that batting position hasbecome filled by a late arriving player to the game. The team willnot be required to add the 10th position in the line-up when thereare only 8 players and be penalized with two automatic outs.

    2. When a team has 9 batting players, the team must begin play at6:30 p.m. The team cannot wait to see if additional players willarrive. When this occurs there will be a spot added to the line-upfor the 10th batter. If the team started the game with 8 players andthe 9th player is added, the team will add the 10th batting positionto the end of the line-up. Every time the 10th batter is due up, anout will automatically be recorded until that batting position hasbecome filled by a late arriving player to the game. The team willnever be penalized for more than one automatic out in the line-up.

      1. An 11th player may not be added to the line-up after thegame has started.

      2. Where a team only has 8 or 9 players and 1 player laterbecomes injured and cannot continue play, is ejected, orleaves the game for any other reason and there is noavailable substitute, the team shall forfeit the league game.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013




e. Batting Order

i. General Requirements - The batting order shall not exceed 12players, including the extra hitter(s) (EH). The batting order muststay at its original size, except as noted under late arrivals below.If insufficient players are available to fill a vacancy in the battingorder, an out will be incurred each time a player who is no longerin the game is scheduled to bat.

1. Substitution Rule

a. Any player may be substituted for or replaced andre-entered once, provided the players occupy theirsame batting position in the batting order.

b. The starting player and their substitute may not bein the line-up at the same time.

c. If a player re-enters the game a second time or aplayer re-enters the game in a position in the battingorder other than their original starting or substituteposition, this is considered an illegal re-entry.

  1. Late Arrivals - A 9th and/or 10th player may be added to thebatting order where such player arrives after the start of the leaguegame. The late arrivals will be added at the bottom of the battingorder in the vacated position according to Number of Players For aLeague Game. Late arrivals may not enter the game when theirteam is in the field with less than 3 outs. ASA rules governingExtra Player will apply. In other words, a late arrival may not beadded as the Extra Hitter (EH) if the team does not have 11 playersto start the game.

  2. Scorebooks - All teams scorebooks must have first and last nameslisted of each player playing in the game. If your team’s scorebookdoes not have first and last names and it is checked for playereligibility, the team will be ineligible for the playoffs.

    1. Listed Names - If your player is referred to by a nicknameand you intend to identify him by his nickname, hisnickname along with his first and last name must appear inthe score book and his nickname must be listed in theofficial team roster with his first and last name.

    2. Failure to Submit Team’s Scorebook - Failure to submita scorebook for checking player eligibility will result in theteam being suspended the remainder of the seasonincluding playoffs.

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C.F.S.L. Official Playing Rules- Revised March 28, 2013